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Kenyan Flower Farm Communities

About us

Cultivating growth and unity in the African flower farm community.

Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Kenya, our collective of flower farms is committed to more than just growing vibrant flowers. With a vision rooted in incorporating gender equity, sustainability, employment, and economic empowerment, we are revolutionizing the floral industry with a socially conscious approach.

As you explore our flower farms, you will witness the vibrant colors, fragrances, and meticulous care that goes into each bloom we cultivate. But beyond the sheer beauty, we invite you to witness a transformative force that goes far beyond petals and stems.

The driving force behind this project are the growers themselves.

Our Boma farmers are all specialized in various types of summer flowers and each has their own location in Kenya.

Exporting summer flowers from Kenya all over the world.

Explore the varieties of Boma Farm's summer flowers and witness the joy they bring to the world.

What we stand for

How we plan to revolutionize the flower industry with our farm communities.

Our Mission

We are committed to the cultivation of flowers, harmonizing this pursuit with our dedication to gender equity, sustainability, employment and economic empowerment. We endeavor to be pioneers, driven by a socially conscious approach that uplifts communities and makes a lasting impact.

Our Vision

Nestled within Kenya's awe-inspiring landscapes, our flower farms envision a future where beauty goes beyond the stems. We aspire to set a new standard in the industry by adhering to the following core principles: incorporating gender equity, sustainability, employment, and economic empowerment.

Buy our summer flowers and become a part of Boma Farms