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About us

The story behind Boma Farms

Growing summer flowers with a purpose!

Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Kenya, our collective of flower farms is committed to more than just growing vibrant flowers. With a vision rooted in incorporating gender equity, sustainability, employment, and economic empowerment, we are revolutionizing the floral industry with a socially conscious approach.

Our mission

We are committed to the cultivation of flowers, harmonizing this pursuit with our dedication to gender equity, sustainability, employment and economic empowerment. We endeavor to be pioneers, driven by a socially conscious approach that uplifts communities and makes a lasting impact.

Our Vision

Our flower farms envision a future where beauty goes beyond the stems. We aspire to set a new standard in the industry by adhering to the following core principles: incorporating gender equity, sustainability, employment, and economic empowerment.

Our Values

Sustainable growing and farming

Sustainability is a guiding principle that flows through everything we do. Recognizing the delicate balance between nature and commerce, we have implemented sustainable practices that prioritize the preservation of our precious ecosystems. From eco-friendly cultivation methods to efficient water management and waste reduction, we ensure that our farms leave a minimal footprint while nurturing the flora that brings joy to countless lives around the world.

Equal rights and revenue

At the heart of our endeavors lies a deep commitment to gender equity. We believe in creating an inclusive environment that empowers and uplifts women, fostering their active participation at all levels of our operations. By providing equal opportunities and supporting the development of female talents, we are breaking barriers and challenging norms, nurturing a culture of equality that transcends the boundaries of our farms.

Employment opportunities with local farming communities.

Employment lies at the heart of our commitment to our local communities. As one of the largest employers in the region, we strive to create a nurturing work environment that fosters growth and opportunity. Through fair wages, comprehensive training programs, and an emphasis on occupational health and safety, we empower our employees to thrive both personally and professionally, contributing to the well-being of their families and the broader community.

Economic development of the communities

Economic empowerment is an essential pillar of our mission. By partnering with local suppliers and engaging in fair trade practices, we actively support the economic development of the communities in which we operate. We believe in creating a ripple effect of positive change, uplifting the lives of those around us and inspiring sustainable growth that transcends the flower industry.

Quality above all

We source the finest seeds and maintain relationships with various breeders to ensure high quality of our summer flowers.

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